Domes Chennai
"build dome, it builds your uniqueness"

Welcome to Domes Chennai

Domes Chennai is a website owned by Pearl Eco Group. Pearl Eco Group is into constructing of Eco friendly buildings in a unique shape - "DOME".

Dome Buildings are prefabricated, UV Resistant , Eco Friendly and Portable.

Its an alternative structure which answers three primary concern areas,

i) Time to construct : 80% reduction in construction time

ii) Labour intensive : Reduce labour hours by 80% 

iii) Dependency on conventional civil materials : Reduce usage of cement,bricks,sand,iron & steel by 80%

Note : After above all, consumption of WATER & Air Pollution can be reduced drastically. 

Beat the Heat : Dome buildings UV resistant feature keeping it cool during summer 

Energy Efficient building : Domes unique shape helps cutting down air space by 22% which we cool and warm always if air conditioned, with PUF layer already maintaining temperature, around 30% energy efficiency achieved.